Creation of a first-class asset base (IPP Energy Asset Portfolio), through:

1) Project development on highly profitable niche markets (small Wind IT and UK, Solar pv JP),

2) Acquisition on secondary market of operational solar pv, wind or small hydroelectric projects,

… that  ensures us, our partners and co-investors:

★ stable revenues, highly visible cash flows coupled with attractive returns, and

★ a balanced and low risk profile with minimised development risks.

Investment strategy

We follow a conservative, diligent and risk averse investment strategy.

Our Investment criteria:

1. Low or moderate country risk

2. Reliable compensation schemes and government policies

3. Low or medium market entry barriers

4. High quality components

5. Professional market environment and local partnerships with reliable project-developers

6. Attractive financing conditions


Hence we deliver a diversified thus robust asset portfolio:

1. Technologically diversified

2. Geographically diversified

3. High cash flow security

4. Low refinancing risk