Core Expertise

Asset Management

High quality asset management throughout the whole life cycle of an investment is indispensable, particularly in the area of investments in renewable energy, and is a key-success factor for successful sustainable investment.

We constantly review the performance of all power plants as well as of the local service providers and contract partners. Hence we are able to review the status of power plants in real time and intervene timely. Our asset management services comprise:

  • Management of project companies (SPVs);
  • Economic, financial and commercial asset management;
  • Technical asset management and supervision;
  • Quality management (O&M contractor and local service providers);
  • Performance monitoring and benchmark analysis;
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Investor relations.

Transaction Management

Our management team consists of interdisciplinary experts who have specialized in the transaction of renewable energy assets and with great experience in this segment. Hence our investors and sponsors, who intend to invest directly into renewable energy assets, have with us a competent and experienced partner at their side.

As our interests are aligned with the interests of our investors we take care to carefully screen the project opportunities and select the right investment object. With our diligent and proven investment approach we furthermore manage all following investment and acquisition stages throughout the planning of an investment, its implementation and optimization.


From planning via financing, implementation and construction to operation – the life cycle of a renewable energy project passes through several different stages. In each of these stages objectives and parameters need to be set, numerous tasks and processes need to be managed, many key-factors considered in order to ensure investment success.

Below the spectrum of our consultancy and advisory services we provide to our clients:

  • Project evaluation, technical and economic assessment;
  • Financial, tax and legal structuring;
  • Due diligence (coordination legal and technical);
  • Risk assessment and management;
  • Contracting, procurement and sourcing;
  • Project Management;
  • Quality Management.

Our Track Record

Ground mounted PV

Ground mounted PV systems

» 14x 1,0 MWp – Foggia province cluster
» 3x 1,0 MWp – Mottola
» 4x 1,0 MWp – San Severo
» 1,0 MWp Torremaggiore
» 2x 1,0 MWp – Foggia
» 1,0 MWp – Copertino
» 1,0 MWp – Stornara
» 1,0 MWp  Atella                           
» 1,0 MWp – Manfredonia                 
» 3x 1,0 MWp – Minervino 1-3
» 3,9 MWp – Minervino greenhouse
» 3,9 MWp – Cassino
» 6,9 MWp – Anagni
» 7,6 MWp – Torre Santa Susanna
Rooftop PV

Roof mounted PV systems

» 668 kWp – Aprilia
» 783 kWp – Nettuno
» 775 kWp – Palermo
» 1,0 MWp – Ascoli Piceno
» 860 kWp – Loreto
» 1,0 MWp – Spilimbergo
» 1,0 MWp – Fossano
» 4x 1,0 MWp Alkapark 1,3,4 and 8
» 3x 0,9 MWp -Udine Interporto
Wind Reference

Small Wind (Mini-eolico)

» 55 kWp – Roseto Valfortore      
grid connected in 12/2013

» 250x 60 kWp – Project pipeline
under development
in Apulia, Basilicata,
Campania, Sardinia
and Sicily