Experience & Expertise

Competence is based on experience. Our interdisciplinary asset management- and acquisition team combines multi-megawatt experience and comprehensive knowledge of renewable energy technologies, political regulatory frameworks and markets. Thanks to our experience and know-how we are in a position of understanding renewable energy investments in depth. Our holistic and performance oriented approach makes us the ideal Partner for managing energy assets.

Wind Power

Wind energy is one of the most significant clean energy sources for electricity generation worldwide. Due to the flexible financing options, the technical maturity and the reliable forecasting techniques, wind projects generate good and stable revenues, which also meet the expectations of institutional investors. Hence wind energy presents one of the most attractive opportunities for investors because of its proven technology and its competitive costs, much lower than those for similar sized conventional fossil fuel projects. If the wind project has been sensitively situated in an area of suitable wind resource, a competitive return and payback on the investment costs at a fairly low risk profile can be expected.

Solar PV

Solar PV has the greatest potential to meet the world’s growing electricity needs when compared to other renewable energy sources. Solar PV depends on the weather conditions, the available direct sunlight and temperature, but the maximum deviation of the annual solar radiation is only about 5% leading to high planning reliability. On the basis of highly accurate weather and irradiance data, long term energy yield can be forecasted and determined. Hence, from an economic perspective, the net annual energy production (AEP) of solar PV systems are highly predictable and they deliver long term foreseeable cash-flows and stable yields.

Investment highlights

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